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Hey there i'm XinQi. 16-year-old shoujo/girl who loves anime and pretty much anything japanese. Chinese, born and raised in le tropical Malaysia.

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Boring. . . .
Saturday, February 27, 2010 @ 10:09 AM `°•.¸¸.•°` leave a comment ( 0 )
Nothing happens these few days,
That's why I didnt update my posts..
Im also lazy to write...
don wan to write also mz write..
bcoz got a person complain dy....

Talk about what happen to my class,
Our KH teacher changed.
The teacher's not very fierce,
and quite funny...( I dont know where funny, but i still think he's funny..hah)
Not like last time 1...
boring n lame.
But he not yet gv us the KH marks yet..([T]^[T])

Still got wat to write nih??Think think think...
I think no more dy...haha
So bye la~ltr got teresa bulok..

Last day of exam YAHOO!!!!
Wednesday, February 10, 2010 @ 7:00 PM `°•.¸¸.•°` leave a comment ( 0 )
Today exam: PM, BI and BM

Today after recess is PM aka moral exam...ez ez lar....
But it's a little bit hard la...hehe==
The teacher wan us to circle the answer AND write the answer at the back...sot..

Then is BI aka English sap water only...
When I get the paper, I felt regret to say tat word...
The no. 1 very hard edi...don say the back edi lar...
But then I jz know the back not so hard...haha=_=lll
Finish edi still got half an hour...haiz..y so long...

After that is BM test....alamak...sure die...X(
The teacher ask the first row to take their table outside the 1pinang...
The questions r not very hard...ringkasan simply do...
1.55pm YAY!!!!!No more exam already!!!! XD

The end~

Exam bulok..=.=
Tuesday, February 9, 2010 @ 4:42 PM `°•.¸¸.•°` leave a comment ( 0 )
Today our maths teacher aka panda gv us the exam paper..walao a..i think i gonna die...

He didnt say the marks, jz call our names..cheh...==
When I get the paper, Im shocked...coz I get 88 marks!!!!Yay!!
Ba Hong get 100 marks...walao a...sooooooo geng...

After that is KH exam..

Today is the last day our Kh teacher in SMCH..kinda miss her..hhz=
The questions r hard...mostly tikam..

After recess n BM is PJ lesson..Yay~I love PJ!!
Play the same thing as last week...quite fun, but also quite bored..

The last exam for today is PSK..
The teacher let us to revise first...
The questions r also hard...tikam again...haha..XD

Nothing to write dy..ta~

2nd day of exam...
Monday, February 8, 2010 @ 3:21 PM `°•.¸¸.•°` leave a comment ( 0 )
Today exam: Science and Maths.

Actually today hv KH, but the teacher change to other school so bcom tomolo exam..
Dunno which teacher will bcom our KH teacher....hope is chinese 1..==

During the science exam, the teacher wan us to turn our chair to the back...siao d...
Not very hard, but also hard...hhz==

After that is Maths..( wan to die edi...X< )
Hv 2 questions dunno how to do...simply tikam tikam lar...hehe...

Last 2 period is Chinese..( happy~)
Time to gv the exam paper edi...woohoo~
The teacher arrange the marks from high to low.
BB n Sam get same marks..98%!!
Wat a coincidence~
n me....91%!!!Yay~!!!I'm so happy!!!
I love myself~!!
n Jinger..82%!!!Yay~!!!She didnt failed~!!!
I love her~!!

That's all for today...

Exam day...
Sunday, February 7, 2010 @ 9:04 PM `°•.¸¸.•°` leave a comment ( 0 )
Today we exam ICTL,GEO n Sejarah.
One word - HARD!!!
ICTL very kns hard!!!
Cant do at all...all tikam....hhz==
Sejarah n GEO still ok..

Nothing to write lar...tomolo still wan to exam...

That's all for today..ttfn


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