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Hey there i'm XinQi. 16-year-old shoujo/girl who loves anime and pretty much anything japanese. Chinese, born and raised in le tropical Malaysia.

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Piano exam and a tofu oyako watch
Thursday, May 31, 2012 @ 9:39 PM `°•.¸¸.•°` leave a comment ( 0 )
It's been a while guys. Even though now Im on school holidays, I'm not quite in a holiday mood. Ever since the holidays started, when I wake up every morning the first thing in my mind is "ugh crap later want to practise piano... " My piano exam is on the next thursday which means I still have a week to prepare. Quite luckily my teacher said Im improving and I guess I have the confident to pass this exam, and I REALLY hope I can, if I don't get nervous and my hands trembling.

Right, I have a good news (for myself). I've won a TOFU OYAKO watch! Well, the watch hasn't reach here yet. But it will (after a few days or a few weeks maybe to a month idk). A month ago, a hongkong DEVILROBOTS page in fb did "My Tofu-Oyako snapshot game" and I've voted some photos there and I am one of the lucky voters who will get to receive a watch. The person in charge sent me this message about this and I was like "GASP > YAY!" I've never been so lucky before but anyway Im so happy :D :D :D 

not a good day
Thursday, May 17, 2012 @ 7:08 PM `°•.¸¸.•°` leave a comment ( 0 )
I feel stressed with all these portfolios and exams. I need to pass up my geography and history portfolio next week and for geography, i havent done a piece of shit, and i dont know how to do the first three sections because when the teacher was explaining i was at the stadium doing rehearsal of prize giving ceremony wtf i just sat there and do nothing, wish i was at class that time. Next month Im going to have my piano exam so that means i gotta keep practising and practising, and i seriously need to pass this exam!! And also extra tuitions after school for the sake of PMR had make me even busier! I dont think i've learnt anything from these bullshit tuitions...

Now im having a flu, life is getting freaking worse and worse for me, i can't be as free as before, and i dont like being stressed, BUT WHO LIKES IT? 


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