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Hey there i'm XinQi. 16-year-old shoujo/girl who loves anime and pretty much anything japanese. Chinese, born and raised in le tropical Malaysia.

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Friday, November 22, 2013 @ 1:04 PM `°•.¸¸.•°` leave a comment ( 0 )
I've postponed the date to blog about this for a very long time ( I went during August )due to procrastination, exams and more excuses but it's about time! I'm not being cliche but Taiwan is truly a wonderful country, talk about the pictureque sceneries and the people with friendly attitude! This was my second time visiting, but without following a tour, which was even better without it as we didn't have to wait for other people in the tour to keep up the pace going to other destinations. Another thing that I love about it is that there are MORE JAPANESE THINGS!! And they are more influenced by Japan than that by Korea ( in my opinion ) such as cosplays, manga stores, japanese branded stores and so on.

So here are the pictures I took from my iphone + camera :

-----DAY 1-------

On the plane when it's like dawn and the sun was rising, ahhh couldnt capture the whole sunrise...... TT-TT

 Almost landing~~~~ TAIWAN IM HERE :D

 Spotted Hello Kitty Airlines!! KAWAII DESU!!

 On our way from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei Metro Station via shuttle bus

 Interesting fact : There were online games ads here on every seat.

aaaaand after that we went to our hotel in Ximen via taxi.

After unloading our luggages we went to walk around Ximending. It's like 9 or 10a.m. and mostly the shops there were not opened for biz yet lol srsly....

 But we found some cool graffitis. Oh and the only one that was opened at that time was the 24hr McCafe( at least we won't starve for hours hah ) so we had breakfast there.

 Our next was Longshan temple ( 龍山寺 ) The one and only temple we went to due to extremely HOOOOT weather. It was SOO hot that we'd rather stay in a shopping mall for the rest of the days and not coming out. =3=

 You can see how bright and hot outside on the streets and people were even holding umbrellas.

 My bro brought us to this little wonton noodles restaurant --天下一家 for lunch.
Classic wonton noodles. I've to say that these were GOOOOD!! especially the wontons :D

 Then my bro and I went to a beverage store 50岚 which was quite popular in Taiwan. This is 奶绿 which is basically milk tea + green tea. Double thumbs up for this!! Highly recommend this!!

Our main transport during the trip was MRT and we could notice online games ads like this in almost every station. Interesting though HAHA.

On the first day we were only walking around in Ximen and never forget to go to Ximending which is the best place to shop affordable or even cheap trendy clothings and also to eat!! 

-----DAY 2------ 

 The station in Beitou is outdoor, not like the other stations which were indoors.

 Trains in Beitou are so well designed and so pretty~~

Creative art in the Beitou train station.
 Right outside the train station and it was still HOT as ever....
 The public library there is so big and cool, love the exterior!
 We could see hot springs almost everywhere as Beitou is well known for it.

 Papa and mama.

Even the benches by the street had this hot spring sign on it. O.O

 Spotted a couple selca-ing heehehhehehehehhe..

Bro told us this small ramen shop has probably the best in Beitou so we went there for lunch.

 I bet it's because of their ramen so we had to queue for quite a while before we could enter so we ordered first. Bro was writing our orders.

 Walking surrounded by nature is the best.

Shamless selca indeed. HAHAHA. and princess lumpy is not happy with this.
Bro asked me to took this for him, artistic enough tho. B)

Stopped by at Yu You Ren memorial museum.

A japanese-like house indeed he had.

 Vintage taiwanese movie posters outside a showroom in Beitou Hotspring Museum.

It shows the characteristics of typical taiwanese movies, it's kinda funny that every single movie at that time had the same concept of story as though these were the rules of filming.

By the time we were about to leave Beitou, haven of hot springs, it was evening already so we headed to the must-visit place in Taiwan, Shilin Night Market via MRT. 

This is the place where you can pay for fishing prawns, quite a popular thing in Taiwan as you can see the crowd over there.
 Had the best green tea flavoured shaved ice with red beans and mango ice cream ever!! It was worth the wait!! *double thumbs up*
 Bro brought me to the 24-hour Eslite bookstore in Dunnan while dad and mom were in the hotel resting. Had some books to read but i couldnt afford to buy them, much more expensive than KB... TT-TT I wished I could spend more time over there because I love the atmosphere with the aroma of books~~ (weirdo haha)
 So this was how the street looked like during the middle of the night in Taipei. So much tranquillity.

That's all for part 1, stay tuned for part 2 ayy~~

Tuesday, November 5, 2013 @ 3:32 PM `°•.¸¸.•°` leave a comment ( 0 )
HEY YALL!! First post ever after the dreaded finals which was quite a relief! Sorry for neglecting my blog for so long BUT since the finals were over I can make myself active now. There will be some upcoming posts soon of my trips to Taiwan in August and Sarawak during the break between finals. Lots of pictures to be edited, and still in progress, gonna be quite busy now huhuhu~

About the finals, my results were kinda.. I was unsatisfied, yet still a tad bit of feeling lucky that I wasn't the worst in my class -- I have 3As. I might hadn't study harder because I sort of underestimated the finals - ( FINALS lvl.99 vs ME lvl.30 ). Oh well, better luck next time.

Ever since the finals were over, I was literally free from almost everything --- almost. cos I was told to finish all book reviews and newspaper cuttings. It did not take much time though. I was then finally free, to do what. I. always. wanted. -- ANIME!!! Continued watching the rest of the episodes of SnK, Free! and Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, and now I'm searching for the latest fall animes. ----typicalotakulife----

Ahhhh should edit more pics now so that's all fur now signing off~~


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